Monday, April 23, 2007

Some pictures

I got a new camera the other day. Normally I cart my Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 everywhere, but I thought it'd be nice to have a little one to tuck into my purse or computer bag when I'm traveling. So I got a Cybershot DSC-S650... it's compact enough to tote for travel, with enough weight and size that I won't completely lose it at the bottom of my purse (which is soooo easy to lose things in).
I couldn't resist this shot, taken while William was watching Daddy work outside.

This morning Sarah wanted to show off her new top. She loves getting her picture taken.
Of course, I don't mind indulging her. And I got to play with some of the settings on the camera.
Sarah's quite photogenic
William decided he wanted in on the fun.

Then he decided it's much more fun with two.

I love the way he looks at her.

Of all the pictures of them together, this has to be one of my all-time favorites.


I think it's time to admit my favorite color is green. All different shades of green. For years, when someone asked me what my favorite color is, I would say, "That's a tough one... I love all the colors". As I look around my home, I see... Green The walls of my sunroom are green (almost a Fenway 'Green Monster' green, though that isn't what the color name said), I have a sage green carpet in the family room, dark green in the master suite and the master bedroom (but Doug chose that one since he has the master bedroom), gray-green walls in the master suite, and a titanium green vehicle. I live on a mountain surrounded by evergreens, my eyeglasses have frames that match my car, and I just bought the paint for stairway & upstairs hallway. Guess what color? Yes. Different shades of green.


It goes beyond just liking the color. Green for me signals re-birth, re-newal. I look forward every spring to the light green buds on the birch trees~ seeing that always brings a big smile to my face. The fresh green sprouts coming up through the earth that will become the lily plants or the light sage of the fresh silvermound growth.

The sun is out, it's warm, and there's a soft gentle breeze making the branches sway. A quick survey and I see lots of green in my flower garden.

I am smiling.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I Am a Child with Down Syndrome

Today's entry is seen through the eyes of 6½ year old William

I love to dress up as a wizard and pretend I am Harry Potter.
I love to laugh

I love music. Steve lets me use his drum pad and drumsticks.
Daddy lets me strum on his guitar.

Even his new one.
Last year I played T-Ball, but I didn't like it too much.
I prefer playing with my Leapster
Or being on the computer with someone like Steve, Doug or Sarah
Or be on it by myself. I can even log someone else out, log myself in, and go online to find something I want to play. Like Zathura
I also like to watch someone else play video games, like when Jim comes over with his PSP
Or geek out with Dad, even though this is Mom's chair where she usually geeks out with Daddy

I like to watch Signing Time! on my DVD player. I can operate it all by myself. I have learned ASL vocabulary through Signing Time!
I love you! (I learned that from Signing Time! too)

I also know how to spell and read, skills I gained from watching Signing Time! and learning how to fingerspell

I like to draw and color
Sarah and I like to color together
I did this drawing at school

I can write too, I've been getting really good at it. My teacher says my printing is getting very clear. I learned how to write the alphabet clearly with Handwriting Without Tears.

I like to climb
And slide
I like to help Daddy

When he's putting things together.

I outgrew my Toddler bed, so Mommy and Daddy got me a really cool big boy bed.

When we were at the Boston Museum of Science last year, I got to operate this hovercraft
All by myself!
I like to help decorate our Christmas tree. Steve helped me this year with the upper part of the tree.
I love books! Brittany's family got me this Corduroy book about Christmas!

I love to play with trains

And I LOVE ice cream! I even like to lick the cover ~ yummmmm!

See, I can do so many things, just like any other kid!

Philips Digital Photo Frame Contest

5minutesformom is giving away a 9" Philips Digital Photo Frame! It has a retail value of $249.99. First, go to 5minutesformom, and follow the rules. Make sure you have entered by 12:30pm EST, Wednesday April 25th. The contest is sponsored by Philips. I don't know about you, but I sure would like one of these frames... I take so many pictures with my digital camera, this would be a great way to show them all off.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Robert

Life has been the best since we met. Everything just falls into place. I didn't set out to fall in love when I met him. I was going to 'find myself'... I thought I was going to find myself in solitude. Instead, I met Robert.... and in finding him, I found myself.

He brings out the best in me~ he supports the things I believe in, he feeds my passion for life. Robert's been the best father to the kids I had before him and the two we've had since. So often the older kids will call with some little emergency or other and they ask me to put Robert on the phone. Usually it's a car thing, or a plumbing thing, personal man-to-man questions, or general fix-it-need-Robert-now thing. With me, it's the 'need-money' thing. Only kidding kids!

Fall 1995~ At Robert's family's farm, overlooking the Monogahela River.

On our first Christmas together, we went out to a local tree farm and cut one down! We went through snow that was higher than the tops of our boots, used the tree farmer's dull axe and chop-chop-chopped the tree down. Then we dragged it out to the truck, trying desperately to retrace our steps to avoid getting even more snow in our boots. We laughed the whole way home.

December 1996

A couple weeks before our wedding we went to a company Holiday Party.

This was a much needed break, as I had been working non-stop on my wedding gown. Start to finish, the gown took 3 weeks to make, including the mock-up to make sure it would fit right before I cut the bridal satin & velvet. I knew what I wanted to make for a gown, but finding the right fabric was a bit frustrating. Finally one day, Robert came home and told me to get my coat & shoes on; he thought he had found the fabric I was looking for. We rushed to the store, and he proudly showed me his find. It was exactly the cream colored satin and the velvet I had been dreaming of.

I think I must have looked pretty funny at times during those 3 weeks. Fabric everywhere, thread strewn throughout the apartment, beads here & there. One time I discovered that a thread had been caught on the hem of my shirt~ but only after I had been to just about every room in the apartment, and through the hallway-living room-kitchen-hallway rounds several times. And I swallowed more than just a few beads while I was sewing them to the gown.

The family has a running joke with me whenever I have a big project planned~ that I am probably finishing it only moments before an event. My wedding was the start of this. I finished the veil only one hour before the ceremony, and I had worked on it in the truck on the way. (So when the oldest got married, he asked me if I was completely finished with the outfit I was making to wear, or would I be working on it in the car on the way).

We were married on Christmas Eve 1996, outside in a gazebo. In New England. As fate would have it, it was not a cold evening, and instead of snow, we had a gentle rain that seemed to stop during the brief ceremony. At least I don't remember the rain. All I remember is being there with the love of my life, with the kids and a few close friends. And cars honking as they drove by, because we were in the town square (well, it was really more triangular).

We had written our own vows, and the Justice of the Peace did her thing (honestly, I only vaguely remember what she said... all I remember is listening to Robert's vows) and then....

Married at last!

Our first dance as husband and wife

Since then, we have had a beautiful baby girl, Sarah

And then we had William

We've been through graduations


Jim's wedding to Steph, which brought a beautiful daughter-in-law into our family

Now we're getting ready for Mariko's college graduation(at least one of them... she's going to medical school in the fall), and then next year will bring Steve's college graduation, and Doug's high school graduation. Phew!

So many milestones that we've shared. Through it all, Robert's been the mainstay for us all. And through it all, we still act like newlyweds, which carries over to the way the older kids treat their sweethearts~ with love, respect and admiration.

Happy Birthday Robert~ Thank you for always being here and loving us all.