Saturday, June 2, 2007

Another year gone by...


Once upon a time, 46 years ago, a little baby girl was born. That would be... me!

Daddy's little girl

Showing my heritage

Birthday number 12... don't ya love the shag haircut?

So, today I turned 46. I had no special plans today, except to pick Mariko up from the bus. Last night I found out Jim & Steph were coming in today, so I thought maybe we could all meet up for a late lunch before coming back to the house. As it turned out, Steve & Brittany were able to join us for lunch before their day got busy, so lunch turned into a nice family meal at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Totally made my day!

Actually, the celebration began last night, when Robert came home with a cake, roses and bottle of my favorite champagne. Beautiful roses, in different shades.


The champagne will be opened tonight.

William came in this morning, bright & early, then climbed into bed and snuggled with Robert & me and fell back asleep. We didn't wake up until 9:30!

Robert called the restaurant ahead of time to make sure they had a table for 10, and we picked Mariko up & headed there.



Since having us all at one place at the same time is a pretty rare occurrence these days, we had Brittany's brother take a picture of us all before she & Steve headed out.



One of the coolest things was listening to William singing "Happy Birthday" right along with the rest of the family! It was one of those moments when I wish I had hold of the camera to use the movie mode to capture it. Alas, the memory of it shall have to suffice. Plus Doug's birthday is coming up in a little over a week so I can catch him singing then.

My birthday presents are great~ Along with the roses and champagne, Robert is taking next week off and just gonna hang out at home with me. I also received a piece of original artwork by Jim, some artwork from Sarah, a bracelet, a Wonder Woman mirror compact, exfoliating gloves, and a heartwarming letter of love.

Life is wonderful.

And lest I forget, I have been tagged by 3 different people, so I will tell 7 things about me. Since just about everyone has been tagged, I will forgo naming 7 people, but if you care to, you can tell 7 things about you!

1) I kissed Ronald Reagan on the cheek... TWICE... before he was President.

2) I've been known to spend 2 hours doing my makeup... even if I'm not going anywhere.

3) I was fluent in Japanese when I was a little girl, but now cannot remember more than a few words.

4) I enjoy restoring old damaged photographs with Photoshop.

5) I used to love seafood when I was younger, but really don't like it anymore.

6) I have never gotten a speeding ticket... and I've been driving for 29 years.

7) Robert & my wedding rings match and are made of Sterling Silver.

And about the Reagan meeting...