Friday, March 30, 2007

Ok... I give

It's not often I give in to peer pressure, but dang it! So many of my friends blog, I decided "What the heck!" and here I am. (Happy now, Christie?)

First decision.... what do I call my blog? That came rather quickly, because since William was born, I have discovered that *I* am 'Unlimited'. Since having kids in general, I have discovered I have an unlimited supply of love, joy, tears, happiness. With William, I have learned a depth of patience I didn't know was possible. All things are possible.

This past year, with the volunteer opportunities offered by Signing Time!, I have expanded my comfort zone in ways I didn't realize was possible. I've worked through my anxieties, taken on new challenges and yes, realized that my future is 'unlimited' (suddenly 'Defying Gravity' plays in my head). I've talked to complete strangers, shared stories of William, and worn 2 different costume versions of Hopkins the frog.

Stay tuned, for my life is never dull, often an adventure and way cooler than I ever dreamed possible. And I dream big!