Friday, April 20, 2007

I Am a Child with Down Syndrome

Today's entry is seen through the eyes of 6½ year old William

I love to dress up as a wizard and pretend I am Harry Potter.
I love to laugh

I love music. Steve lets me use his drum pad and drumsticks.
Daddy lets me strum on his guitar.

Even his new one.
Last year I played T-Ball, but I didn't like it too much.
I prefer playing with my Leapster
Or being on the computer with someone like Steve, Doug or Sarah
Or be on it by myself. I can even log someone else out, log myself in, and go online to find something I want to play. Like Zathura
I also like to watch someone else play video games, like when Jim comes over with his PSP
Or geek out with Dad, even though this is Mom's chair where she usually geeks out with Daddy

I like to watch Signing Time! on my DVD player. I can operate it all by myself. I have learned ASL vocabulary through Signing Time!
I love you! (I learned that from Signing Time! too)

I also know how to spell and read, skills I gained from watching Signing Time! and learning how to fingerspell

I like to draw and color
Sarah and I like to color together
I did this drawing at school

I can write too, I've been getting really good at it. My teacher says my printing is getting very clear. I learned how to write the alphabet clearly with Handwriting Without Tears.

I like to climb
And slide
I like to help Daddy

When he's putting things together.

I outgrew my Toddler bed, so Mommy and Daddy got me a really cool big boy bed.

When we were at the Boston Museum of Science last year, I got to operate this hovercraft
All by myself!
I like to help decorate our Christmas tree. Steve helped me this year with the upper part of the tree.
I love books! Brittany's family got me this Corduroy book about Christmas!

I love to play with trains

And I LOVE ice cream! I even like to lick the cover ~ yummmmm!

See, I can do so many things, just like any other kid!