Monday, April 2, 2007


It's relatively quiet. William, who had a really nasty cold last week, is at school today. Yet he is all around me.... the picnic basket of play food is by his train table. Last week, he kept bringing it down while he watched Signing Time! "Time to Eat", setting up his little placemat with the place setting as Rachel sang it on the dvd. Now he's decided he can do that with the big plates, forks, etc at dinnertime. Love the way he learns from Signing Time!

Anyway, on top of the picnic basket is his wand. It's actually Hermione's wand; the Harry Potter wand he has lights up & makes noise & is bulkier than Hermione's or Ron's wand, so he doesn't use it as often. Next to that is Buzz & Woody. His new Woody, courtesy of Barb from the T21 board, was a replacement to his old Woody, which was the victim of his 'sconce basketball' a few weeks ago. (Suffice it to say, I will always look in the light fixtures immediately after turning them on to make sure no toy is in there)

Dr. Seuss' ABC book is just beyond that; William grabbed it off the coffee table yesterday and was reading it to Robert & me while we were watching the Nascar race. At the far end of the room is a mess of books & puzzle pieces I need to go pick up. William gets in a 'swoop' mood and pushes everything off the coffee table in one big 'swoop', then usually lays across the table like he's swimming. I should just put it all in a box, because I know I'll pick it up and he'll just come home and push it off. Because no matter how much I think he'll leave it alone, he has his own will.

So I sit here in the quiet, with the sound of the washer going, the distant sound of traffic in the background, the occasional pitter pat of the cat walking through the house, and I think about getting a cup of coffee, picking up the 'swoop' mess, and maybe uploading some pictures from my camera. And giggling over William's antics... the knock knock jokes, sconce Woodyball, and the way he's been working hard to learn the dance moves from High School Musical.