Monday, April 23, 2007


I think it's time to admit my favorite color is green. All different shades of green. For years, when someone asked me what my favorite color is, I would say, "That's a tough one... I love all the colors". As I look around my home, I see... Green The walls of my sunroom are green (almost a Fenway 'Green Monster' green, though that isn't what the color name said), I have a sage green carpet in the family room, dark green in the master suite and the master bedroom (but Doug chose that one since he has the master bedroom), gray-green walls in the master suite, and a titanium green vehicle. I live on a mountain surrounded by evergreens, my eyeglasses have frames that match my car, and I just bought the paint for stairway & upstairs hallway. Guess what color? Yes. Different shades of green.


It goes beyond just liking the color. Green for me signals re-birth, re-newal. I look forward every spring to the light green buds on the birch trees~ seeing that always brings a big smile to my face. The fresh green sprouts coming up through the earth that will become the lily plants or the light sage of the fresh silvermound growth.

The sun is out, it's warm, and there's a soft gentle breeze making the branches sway. A quick survey and I see lots of green in my flower garden.

I am smiling.