Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Friday!

I like Fridays.

Fridays mean that I have my sweetheart for the weekend. We don't do anything particularly spectacular on the weekends~ we are pretty much homebodies. We sit in our chairs and geek out, surfing the internet, sometimes we even check out the same stuff on each of our laptops.

Although, maybe like last weekend, I'll geek out while Robert plays with his new guitar~ his Fender John Mayer Signature Stratocaster. He had talked of getting it for a year. Finally when the bonuses came out at work I told him either he ordered it or I would. He said we'd talk about it. I said we would talk about it and then I'd get my way and he would order the guitar.

I almost always get my way. I'm spoiled like that.

So this weekend I will sit and surf or work on scrapbooking things while Robert plays his guitar and the kids play and laugh. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

What are your weekend plans?