Monday, October 15, 2007

Happily Exhausted!

Less than a week ago, Robert convinced me the kids could miss a couple days of school so we could drive to Indiana and back to meet our friends and attend the IDSF Buddy Walk. We left home Thursday and stayed at a hotel in Erie, PA that night, because we knew we needed to get some sleep before meeting everyone Friday.
I've known many of the families we were meeting for over 6 years online. This was the first time that many of were meeting face to face! Thank you to Jan, Jeff and Nash for hosting and opening your home to us. I have tons of pictures on my flickr site so I'll just share a few here~

Friday night~
In the back row, l-r, Lisa, Marley & Nicole, Nash & Jan, Tara Marie
Front~ Beth, Stephanie, Annette, Me with Stephanie's Katie, Rhonda with Tara Marie's Emma Sage, and Beth's Patrick.

Sarah and Annette's Kurtis lead the group

William & Ryan shake hands

The gang at Jan's house

Ryan & William

Some of us were staying at Jan's so we stayed up way too late Saturday night. We went to breakfast with almost everyone Sunday and then we headed home from there, thinking we could make the drive straight home without stopping for the night. About 4 hours from home we were thinking that wasn't such a great idea, as William didn't like the lights from cars (and construction) and city areas. We got home at nearly 3am. After everything was in from the car, we plopped ourselves onto bed. That's when I realized that although drinking 2 venti caramel machiattos is great for keeping me awake for my driving shift (the last half of the trip), the caffeine kick had not worn off yet so it was another hour before I fell asleep. William was up & running at 8am.

The trip was worth every minute. Thanks again everyone who was there~ I can't wait to see you all again!!!