Monday, January 14, 2008

Heart and Soul

Last Friday was William's cardiology check up. His previous one was eighteen months ago. After his post surgery checkup at a few months old, he had a follow up every six months, then once a year. Some of the appointments went smoothly; others took an agonizingly long time, due to William's reticence. Since these check ups have always been such a big deal to us, Robert takes the day off to attend, as does Sarah, who has proven to be a great help to keep William distracted.

This year, our appointment was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. I apparently was not thinking clearly when I chose the time eighteen months ago. Either that, or I thought we might spend the night before in Boston so we wouldn't have to wake up before the crack of dawn to make the drive. We were making great time on our drive over, until we got to the next to last toll booth on the turnpike. What was easily a fifteen to twenty minute drive to the hospital from that point turned into more than double that. Ah, traffic. 'nuff said.

We checked in at the Cardiology Outpatient desk with over fifteen minutes to spare. Yay me! William immediately went to investigate the kitchen playset. By 9:30, William's height and weight were taken, and shortly afterwards we were in an exam room getting him ready for his blood pressure readings and EKG. He was resistant at first, but then relaxed with some diversions from his Leapster.
They actually managed to get blood pressure readings from both arms and both legs~ this was a first!! In the past, he has always fought this and the techs were lucky to get the readings from one arm and one leg. It also used to take an unbelievably long time to get those readings too!

On to the EKG, which William still did not like; we had to hold him firmly to get all the leads on him.
He was fascinated with the monitor and printout during this though.


When we finally got to see the cardiologist (who has been his cardiologist since before William was born!), William was hesitant to let him listen to his heart. So the doctor let William and Sarah listen to everyone else's hearts with his stethoscope.

William even listens to his Doctor's heart
DSC01011 before letting the Doctor listen to his and perform the rest of his check up.

Everything came out great, and we don't have to return for another eighteen months! DSC01022
And at that time, the Doctor will try an Echocardiogram on William, since he hasn't 'seen' his heart since William was two or three months old.

One of the really neat things while we were there in the waiting room between the EKG and seeing the doctor was being able to communicate with each other from across the room. Robert would be in one area while William was playing, and Sarah and I would be in another. We could sign, "What's William doing?" or "Does he need to potty?" or any number of things without being obnoxiously loud to the other families there. I did notice something missing there though. Although there was a tv and a movie playing, the kids didn't pay much attention to it. So I think I'll be ordering some Signing Time! Volumes to donate to their waiting room. The families could pass the time together, in such a fun way!

Speaking of donations and matters of the heart, have you made your donation to Signing Time! yet? Rachel and crew leave in less than a week! Chip in today!