Friday, August 22, 2008

William's 8th Birthday

William turned 8 last week, on the 13th. While he was excited about his birthday in the days leading up to it, he was more excited about going on a plane the following day to visit friends. His countdown of days to flying to Rachel was more important than his own birthday! He did, however, inform Daddy and me that he wanted a chocolate cake, candles, and presents.

The difference this year is that he was very specific in what he wanted for a present. This, of course, was something he didn't tell me until I'd already ordered all of the presents we had planned to get him, so Daddy had to make a stop at the store on his way home one night. We still haven't given him all of his presents, since Brittany wasn't here for the birthday celebration, so we'll be having another cake and more presents sometime soon. In the meantime....

The cake, with a number 8 candle and a candle to grow on..

This is the present he wanted more than anything~ The Wizards of Waverly Place dvd! He seems very hooked on only 2 of the episodes in it though~

Carefully opening his main gift~ and by the way, he really wasn't all that interested in opening anything else after he opened his Wizards of Waverly Place dvd. Reminder to self: don't give him the one thing he has been asking for before the other presents.

The new Didj from Leapfrog. This game system is awesome! I can download spelling words or math facts into the games he has on it so he can learn while he's playing!

Happy Birthday my Big Boy!!! Your family loves you soooo much!