Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vacation: Part Two

William loved waking up at Rachel's house every day of our vacation. "Good Morning Rachel! Where's Leah?" was the question he asked her one morning. And oh, how he loved seeing Lucy! He was at times fascinated with her wheelchair, but more excited to be hanging out with Lucy.

Sarah & Lucy

There was swim time

Lucy & Rachel

Play Time
Sarah & Leah playing video games.

Saturday afternoon Robert, Sarah, William and I went to visit our friend LeeAnn and her family. LeeAnn works for Signing Time, and I've visited with her on my trips to Salt Lake City in the past few years.

Funny~ I think that except for Robert and a few other friends, my closest friendships have come after William was born. The online friends I've made because he has Down syndrome have led me to form some of the deepest friendships I've ever known. Because of him, we found out about Signing Time, and from there we've made more lifelong friends. LeeAnn is one of these friends.

We had a great time at her house, and Sarah got to try their Wii Fit while we were there. My pictures came out blurry or dark (didn't have the camera set right) so I won't post 'em, but I have to admit... seeing how fun the Wii Fit was made me really want one! (I have since purchased one... and now exercise is a blast! But that's a whole other post one of these days)

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