Friday, February 13, 2009

For Cathy

I've got this best friend who, although I love her dearly, feels she can bully me into making a blog post. It's a good thing I love her, or I'd have to tell her where to go. She updated her blog recently and informed me it was my turn. Okay, she's not bullying me, but she is right, it has been awhile. The other day I joked with Robert that I needed to blog that I'm on a blog break, like it's not that obvious, right?

Truth is, I've been busy and limiting my time online. Ever since I got the iPhone, I check facebook, myspace, a few blogs, and twitter. I've also decided to get myself into better shape, and have been committed to working out daily, whether it is using the Wii Fit or learning to run with with Coolrunning's Couch-to-5K running plan. Mariko shared that site with me, and I just finished week 4 of the plan. I have never been a runner, and I'm not planning to run in any marathons, but I really want to get into running shape. I've been feeling more energized since I began. I've also been able to fit some of my favorite jeans, ones that I have missed wearing for months.

The most time consuming project I've undertaken since the start of the new year, though, is a birthday gift for Mariko, who turned 25 last month. She knows it will be very late, but it will be very worth it. Don't ask me what it is; when it's finished, I will post it... with photos. If you know what it is, please no hints in comments since Mariko does read this. This gift is a labor of love, just as she has been all these 25 years.

Speaking of a labor of love~

If you would, please vote for Two Little Hands Productions in the 2009 Startup Nation Leading Moms in Business Competition. You can vote daily!

The other day I downloaded Signing Time valentine cards via my Signing Time newsletter. Yesterday I made some 'ILY' hand cookies for the kids' classroom parties; Sarah had the idea to decorate the fingers like Rachel's~ so I did!

Doug, my 18 yr old, had fun decorating the rest of the cookies

So, for a blog about not blogging, I guess I found something to blog about.