Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Pirate Treasure Hunt!

Today at school, William's team created a treasure hunt for him! He's been heavily into the book Treasure Island in the past few months, so his teacher, aide and therapists thought of a way to integrate his assessment with his therapy and turn it into a fun morning for William. Robert and I attended the all-school meeting, and once it was over, the hunt for treasure began!

William had to lead us to his reading specialist's room via the school elevator, where he supplied Star Trek sound effects as the doors opened and closed. Once in the classroom, the specialist showed us the first article William would collect.
William's task was to read the pirate making hat directions to all of us.

From there, William had to lead us to his physical therapist's office where he had to read his next task: bounce and catch a ball 10 times in each hand.

William collected a vest when he completed his ball bouncing challenge.

The next stop was speech therapy. His clue (task) was a scroll taped to the desk, which he had to read to us.

William had to match events to a time of day

He received a sword and instructions to go to another office where he read yet another clue, solved a maze puzzle, received a spyglass and was directed to see the Principal for yet another task.
William had to read his treasure hunt story so far and glue the matching pictures to the correct page.

After successfully completing his book, the Principal gave him another clue

The principal's clue led us to the map that showed where the buried treasure was

Following the map and counting steps

Ribbons marked the way to the buried treasure

Checking the map

Arrrrrr! Thar be the 'X'!!!

Digging for treasure!

Thar be the treasure!!!

Pirate William carries the treasure chest to his classroom

His classmates gather 'round

William had to read the instructions that were in the treasure chest

William shares his treasure with his classmates

What a great day and a fantastic way for William to show his progress through all the stations outlined in his IEP and his progress towards meeting his goals this year.

Thanks to his aide, Mr. G, for the photos today.