Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mariko's College Graduation

Friday Robert & I went over to Boston to attend the different graduation ceremonies and receptions for Mariko. To say we are proud of her is an understatement. She is an amazing, intelligent, beautiful, down-to-earth, and witty young woman. We were thrilled to be able to go and talk with some of her professors, classmates, and mentors.

Receiving the certificate for completion of the requirements for her B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience. Mariko with the Husky mascot
Me, Husky, and Mariko
Robert, Me, and Mariko
Mariko was the recipient of the 2007 Alex Skavenski Award for Excellence in Behavioral Neuroscience. Getting a hug from her mentor, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Northeastern University, Jim Stellar. Mariko has worked in his lab since she was a Freshman.
Saturday's graduation ceremony.

Jim Stellar announces that the awesome graduates from the College of Arts & Sciences have completed their requirements for graduation.

The view from our seats. Thank goodness for a good zoom lens!
Mariko on here way to get her diploma. The one that says "Summa Cum Laude". Yeah, she rocks!

That's my girl!
Mariko, me, and her big brother Jim
Jim's wife Steph, Mariko & Jim

Mariko & me
Mariko & Robert
Robert, Mariko & me

Robert, me, Mariko, Steph & Jim
Steph, Jim & Mariko
Dawn, Mariko & JessicaMariko & Jessica
Mariko & Jessica set out to take on the world

Lunch on Sunday
Robert and 2 of his favorite girls

Jim & Steph

Mariko & Robert
Checking to make sure Jim has Mariko's home number in his phone.
Goodbye hugs before we head home after a fabulous weekend.

We love you Mariko!