Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Visiting Palo Alto

At the end of April, Mariko and I went to Stanford Medical School's Review Weekend. Someone ordered some beautiful weather for our visit.

Mariko by the frog fountain at the Stanford Shopping Center

One of the Med school buildings
The Chapel at Stanford~
These are some of the incoming med school students

After meeting online on a T21 board more than 5 years ago, I finally got to meet Andi and Riley in real life!

Andi's Emily checking out the duck

Mariko & Emily

Mariko talked me into getting a pedicure with her. It was fantastic!
Mariko & me at the airport for our plane home.

I think I'll have to get used to visiting her out there for the next 4 years. Hmmm, nice weather, great shopping, meeting friends... sounds like a plan to me. The best part, though, will be seeing how happy it makes Mariko!