Monday, February 11, 2008

A little less than a foot...

That's about how wide the space I was sleeping on last night amounted to. In a king sized bed. "How does that happen?", you may be wondering.

William came home early last Tuesday from school. He was miserable with this cold that finally got a hold of him. He had completed his classroom work in the morning, nibbled a little at lunch, and then after he got back to his classroom, proceeded to remove his name clip from the 'home lunch' side of the white board to the 'home' side. Then he told his aide he wanted to go home. The nurse called me, so I quickly ate the lunch I had just prepared for myself, then zipped down to school. I voted in the primary since it was set up in the school gym, and then saw the school nurse. We chatted, thinking William would be right back from fetching his coat and backpack from his classroom. After 5 minutes, we realized he might still be down there, so we walked down the hallway together. I peeked into William's room, and there he was, jacket on, sitting on Mr. G (his aide)'s lap, working on something on the laptop computer at William's work area. The nurse and I opened the door, but William was quite engrossed in whatever was going on in his computer world to notice. Mr G told William, "Your mom's here!" and William turned to me and said, "Oh, hi, mom" The teacher told the nurse there were about 5 other students in class who wanted to visit her because they were feeling under the weather, and hoping their moms would come get them, lol.

I got William's things, he said 'goodbye' to everyone, then happily took my hand and trotted down the hallway, chatting constantly to the nurse, who understood much of what he was saying even though I needed him to repeat a few things. It's a very good sign when people at school can decipher him when I can't. They really are in tune with my boy.

The rest of the week was spent handing William tissues for his nose, watching movies, reading books, snuggling. Not a bad week, really. He was coughing pretty bad for several days there, and quite congested overall. Yesterday was much better. Most nights William wakes up part way through the night, knocks on our bedroom door and announces, "Mom, Dad? It's me! Yiyam Wayyace Ma-wone" and Robert or I get up to take him in to our bathroom. If it's early enough, we take him back to his bed. Last night it was early enough, and I took him back to his room after he pottied. We snuggled for awhile, until he was breathing easy, and then I slipped back to my room. Sometime a few hours later, the knock came at the door again.... "Dad? Dad? It's me... Yiyam" Robert was solid out, so I got up and opened the door. Even in the dark, William knew I wasn't Dad, and he let me know it. "Mom, no, you're not Dad!" Yeah, thanks kid. I couldn't help but chuckle. I took him to potty and wash afterwards, and he climbed up into our bed. Snugged right up to Daddy. Then when I crawled in, he slipped into my arms, all snug and comfy. He was congested though, and kept waking up to readjust his position. I got him turned on his side, facing away from me, and I rolled over away from him. He is such a warm little guy, and I am peri-menopausal... not so crazy about too much warmth at night at times. The next thing I know, he is pushing against my back with his back, and there I am, at 3am, realizing I am now delegated to a swath of just under a foot on my side of the bed. No matter how many times I move him over, in less than 10 minutes, I am suddenly back to that 10-12" swath, and all I could think about was what I would title this post.