Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Trip to the Ophthalmologist

Nearly every week I put together a Sharing Book for William's sharing day with his class. For the longest time, I would procrastinate and put his book together the night before Sharing Day, which meant I was multi-tasking during the Signing Time Chat on Wednesday evenings. Finally in the past month I've gotten it completed well before chat time. Cathy asked me to scan them sometime so I could show her, so here you go, Cathy!

William's sharing books are put together with my Creative Memories supplies. The book is a PicFolio Minutes album and I use Storybox Photo Mats or Milestones Album Kits to mount the photos and help William tell his story. I can change the pages of his book each week, and then can take the previous ones and mount them onto album pages for one big sharing keepsake album that we will be able to enjoy for years.

Monday Robert and I brought William to see his ophthalmologist in Boston. This is always an adventure, since William really dislikes people messing with his face or head in any way. After his exam with the Orthoptist, William's eyes were dilated in preparation for his visit with the Ophthalmologist.

William surprised us when he climbed up into the chair and was fairly cooperative with the doctor. He paid close attention to what buttons she pushed to raise the chair.

William's prescription hasn't changed very much since last year. His left eye is only slightly nearsighted with a tiny bit of astigmatism (previously it needed no prescription at all), and his right eye is very nearsighted with a lot of astigmatism.

Is that the best smile ever? He loves this display in the lobby of the hospital.

William reads the pages to his class, and at the end, always asks them, "Questions? Comments?"