Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vacation: Part Five~ The Last Day

Since we weren't leaving Salt Lake City until late Tuesday night on the red eye, we spent the earlier part of the day visiting Park City. We enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at Bandits' Grill and Bar~ Rachel recommended the Tri-Tip Steak Sandwich. That woman sure knows her food... it was so good, I craved it for several weeks later.

Afterwards we walked down the street, checking out the shops. Robert spotted this moose statue and wanted a picture. William didn't know what to think of it.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Leah found this bench

Park City has some really neat shops, and I found souvenirs for my older kids. Lucy was not feeling well, so we cut the outing short and headed back to Rachel's. It's just as well because I still had a lot of packing to do. That evening, there were lots of hugs as we said our goodbyes.

What a wonderful vacation! William fell asleep while the plane was taxi-ing for takeoff. I was all snug with my Dreamsacks blanket & eyeshades, ready to sleep on the first part of the flight. I don't remember much except that Sarah was snugged up against me until it was time to land.

We had a bit of a layover in Atlanta~ time enough to grab a little breakfast before the next flight boarded. It was so good to be back home that afternoon, but we were all still excited from our trip to see our friends.

And that is how we spent our summer vacation!!