Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vacation: Part Four

Since my very good friend Cathy finally updated her blog with more of her vacation, she asked me to please update mine. I actually have already blogged about Day 4 of our vacation in the post "A Very Special Playdate", but if I were to leave this post at just that, Cathy would never forgive me. I love her too much to do that to her, so....

After that wonderful playdate, Robert, William and I headed back to Rachel's house. Sarah had stayed there while we had gone on our playdate, and Rachel had taken the girls to the mall. Rachel and Aaron had tickets to see Wilco that evening, and managed to get a hold of one more ticket for Robert. They were trying to get one for me, but that didn't work out. That was fine by me; it meant I could hang out with the kids! Rachel ordered pizza for us, and then she & Robert left to go to the concert. Aaron had left earlier with his buddy to set up a good spot on the lawn.

While they were at the concert, enjoying the great music of Wilco, I was having a blast with the kids. Leah and Sarah were playing games on the Wii while William, Lucy & I were singing songs from High School Musical.... loudly. Lucy and William played Webkinz on the laptops, and all I could think when I sat there watching them was "for anyone who thought that kids with special needs couldn't do the things 'typical' kids do, boy are they wrong!"

How cool is this?

After the pizzas arrived and we all had our fill, Leah and Sarah decided to be a little creative. They took the caps off their drinks, got a couple straws and made up a game of 'table top bottle cap hockey'.

Robert texted me from the concert~ they were having a great time! Leah and Sarah returned to their game on the Wii and William followed them. Lucy and I played Webkinz together, followed by more singing (loudly, of course), this time songs from Wicked. At one point, Leah & Sarah came running up to me, out of breath, and Sarah asked when we had to leave in the morning. I told her we weren't leaving until the next evening. Have you ever heard how loud two 10-yr old girls can squeal with delight? They grabbed each other by the shoulders and jumped up and down. Yeah, I was the hero that night.

The gang returned from the concert, having had a blast. They think they had the better part of the deal. I know otherwise~ my night was way better than theirs.