Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Music & a Worthy Cause

A few months ago, I looked at the tour dates and found out that Dave Barnes would be perfoming in Boston on March 21. I first found out about Dave Barnes from John Mayer's blog a couple years ago. After listening to a sample of Dave's music on iTunes, I quickly bought and downloaded Brother, Bring the Sun and Chasing Mississippi. Sarah loves listening to him too, so she had me add some of his songs to her mp3 player. Since then I bought Me and You and the World, and an EP~ You, the Night, and Candlelight. You can find them here.

Anyway, when I found out Mr. Barnes would be in Boston, I asked Robert if he would like to take me to a concert. Silly question, huh? Love those grown up dates! So I bought the tickets, booked a room for the night, asked the older sibs to watch Sarah & William.

Saturday we drove over to Boston (well, Cambridge for the hotel), checked in, freshened up, and walked over to the Paradise Rock Club, a nice brisk 20-25 minute walk from the hotel.

We had a yummy meal and some cold Stella in the lounge while we waited for the club doors to open. At 8, we went in and found a nice place right at the front of the stage. Looking around, I realized Robert & I were probably the oldest people standing this close to the stage. Most of the people around us were young enough to be our kids. The opening band came on at 9~ The Gabe Dixon Band. I'd not heard them before; I really have been missing out on a fantastic band! Gabe's vocals & keyboards reminded me of a Billy Joel concert I went to 30 years ago. Amazing. Robert said I need to keep tabs on the band's site to see when they'll be in our area again, because he would love to see them again.

Before I knew it, it was time for Dave and his band to take the stage. Robert & I were every bit as excited as when we saw John Mayer play a couple years ago.
I love how it shows when someone loves what they do~ the joy, the excitement, the energy~ just shines.

A Worthy Cause~

Halfway through the show, Dave took a moment to tell us about The Mocha Club, an organization Dave supports. I have been meaning to sign up for awhile, but things kept popping up and I'd forget. I did sign up that night. Want to know what $7 a month can do?

Afterwards Dave sang 10,000 Children, from Me and You and the World.

How close was this? Well, he was right in front of me, and Robert thought Dave's guitar was going to hit my head.

These was not posed *wink wink*

Great voice, great music, great guy.

For the encore, Dave came off the stage to sing "Until You" with the crowd

Gabe, Nathan & Dave

I'm a happy fan!

Meeting Dave after the show after telling him that it may seem like it, but I'm not really stalking him on Twitter!

Dave & Robert

If you get a chance to see Dave Barnes or Gabe Dixon, go! Meanwhile, if you would, please visit the Mocha Club and make a donation.