Thursday, July 26, 2007

In the quiet late night hours....

I'm relaxing in bed, looking over at William, who decided that since Daddy wasn't home tonight, he wants to sleep in the big bed. He feel asleep while I was in my weekly Signing Time! Chat. I had XM radio playing on the tv, and he climbed into bed after he was finished with Sarah reading to him in her room.

When I was finished with chat, I put him in his room, then went down to the kitchen to make a nice little snack of cheese, crackers, grapes and green tea. The little voice I heard coming from the top of the stairs made me realize that William was out of bed, probably in need of a trip to the toilet, and was probably going to want to get into the big bed afterwards.

I watch him sleeping, and marvel at how big he's gotten. His face so serene, his breathing easy, not a care in the world. Yesterday he was in the tv room jumping off the couch onto the floor, and then kept jumping around the room. Because he could. After I told him, for the 5th time, to please stop jumping, I chuckled to myself. This is the little boy who, less than 2 years ago, couldn't jump with air between the bottom of his foot and the floor. His jumps were more akin to 'heels in the air, toes on the floor, the heel comes down with noise' jumps. Remembering that, I smiled and just sat there, listening to my boy jump.... and jump... and jump. He clears the floor very well when he jumps. No pseudo jumps anymore.