Sunday, July 15, 2007

Time Flies...

When you don't turn on your computer, you actually can accomplish a lot of things that you've been putting off. When Robert took the week off after my birthday, we tackled our tv room. We had been talking about it for so long, and finally decided to just get what we needed and get to it.
Here's how it looked before:
Oct 2005 This is when Rachel of Signing Time! came with her family for the event we won and hosted in October 2005. Rachel even brought along some of the shows they were working on so local fans (and those who had come from NJ, PA, ME, CT & NY) could preview them!

Oct 2005 See the stacks of videos & dvds behind Rachel? It's been driving me nuts forever!
William sure loves his Signing Time! TV Room Before We had the tv in the corner of the room TV Room Before
The door and trim before:
TV Room Before
Since we have a modular home (comprised of 6 pieces), the tv room and the room next to it (the sun room) are in 2 different sections, so the wall between them is double the depth of a regular wall. Robert & I thought about putting built-in cabinets to hold the dvds. He designed it in autoCad and we had 2 cabinets built according to his specs.
Finding the right spot:
In Progress
Robert cut the drywall out for the first cabinet
Holey wall!
I was painting the ceiling while he was cutting the spaces out.
Both areas prepped, and painting on that wall done!
No going back
Painting so fast, I'm a blur!
Painting painting
Doug helps Robert put the first cabinet in
In we go!
Securing the cabinet
Securing the cabinet
Cabinet 2 with dvds in it! The Cylon painting is the one Jim did for my birthday present~
Filling it up
We bought our favorite movie posters to put inside the cabinet windows~
Poster time
Our favorite
I'm ordering a Luke Skywalker Lightsaber replica to mount over the Star Wars poster. I bought the Braveheart replica sword for Robert for Father's Day, but we have yet to find the perfect mounting hardware to put it up with.
Now you see it
And the dvds are nicely stored!
TV Room
We put up window shades, and I've since painted the trim and put up drapes. The Signing Time! poster is from the event we hosted in Oct 2005.
Corner blocks
We decided to use Focal Point products for our Crown Moulding and Door Casing. Their Quick Clip system make it easy to install.
TV Room
Crown Moulding
TV Room
Door trim
For the moulding and trim, we chose Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics in Ambassador Sterling.
Door trim The panes will eventually have artwork and movie quotes on them.
TV Room The oak video cabinet is to house the vhs tapes we had boxed up in the basement.
And since no tv/movie room is complete without one....
One of the finishing touches
I ordered a popcorn machine!