Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Signing Time Episodes

First there were little hints in Signing Time! Chat on various Wednesdays a few months ago. Then in the Signing Time! newsletter in April, they announced they were having a casting call, looking for children for future Signing Time! productions. After that, Mothering Heights had a blog where they featured a picture of Rachel's daughter Leah wearing the tiara that Rachel won as part of the Mothering Heights first Mother's Day essay contest . The picture of Leah wearing the tiara was a promo from an upcoming episode of Signing Time!

Recently Rachel posted on her blog and on her myspace blog with what her hints have been, along with a few pictures from the next 3 shows. She also posted about her elbow, which she broke a few months ago.

There's a clip about it on You Tube about her arm, which is going to be part of the special features on one of the new episodes. You'll even catch a few new signs of what to expect in upcoming shows.

Oh, and since I'm talking about Signing Time!, there is still time to enter their summer contests!