Monday, November 19, 2007

Shop Therapy

There are times when I do feel a bit overwhelmed by things. I admit it. It comes at times when I get very little sleep and there's a lot going on. Like doing TONS of laundry to get rid of an itchy situation. The times when I have been feeling like the Energizer Bunny, but need a little 'me' time. Robert says that I need 'Shop' therapy vs 'Shock' therapy.

So when I needed to get out of the house after doing countless loads of laundry the other week, I decided to head out to the mall. The mall is a forty-five to fifty minute drive. We live in the boonies, you see. The nearest large grocery store is a good twenty-five minute drive. So I have to really need to get out of the house to want to shop at the mall vs shopping online.

I parked and went into Macy's and checked out the sale & clearance racks. I love a good bargain. I went over to the handbags, as I recently decided that I am rarely happy with one for long. I giggled to myself, since my Mom had a handbag fetish and I realized that maybe it is some hereditary thing~ after my Mom died and my Dad was going through things, he came upon dozens and dozens of handbags, purses, pocketbooks and shoulder bags (they are not all the same thing, you know). He went through each one, finding mementos in each; paystubs from work, letters, notes, bank statements, buttons, shopping lists or photos. When he had told me that, I smiled because I have always done the same thing. I didn't know Mom did too.

It takes little time for me to find the clearance tables. I sorted through bags, unzipped them, checked to see how many compartments within and without, and would consider how quickly would one bag drive me batty when I was looking for something. Then I'd toss it aside. Too many buckles on this one, too little space in that one. This one was too tiny, this one big enough to substitute for a diaper bag. Oooohhh... a leopard print one (I have worn leopard print items before they were in style and I plan to wear them long after they've gone out... so there), but the bag style... neh. Still, something to consider.

I then put my hand on a bag, to move it out of the way, when something strange happened. I could not let go of it. My fingers touched this buttery soft leather, and as I grasped it to move it, I found that my hand would not release it. Wow. So I examined it; unzipped it (zipper moved flawlessly), one large compartment inside, with a little zippered pocket and a couple open pockets. Hmmmm.... no outside compartments. I look at the tag. Originally $168, now $84. Ouch~ still more than I wanted to pay. I remembered I had $40+ left on my Macy's gift card, one of those credit card point rewards I had recently redeemed points for. I held onto the bag after seeing that there were no more of this exact bag on the table. I walked around the other clearance tables, looking at bags that might supplant this one. As I passed a mirror, I laughed. I looked like a sitcom sketch~ like Elaine on Seinfeld~ I had that bag so tightly against my body, as though afraid some other bargain hunter might try to pry it from me. I also found myself caressing the leather as I walked around. After a very brief 'should I or shouldn't I?' discussion (in my head), I walked to the register. It rang up, not at $84, but at $58.80. Further discount on the clearance. After tax, and my gift card, I paid $21 for it.

I, of course, relayed my tale to each family member later, as we all laughed together, picturing me looking at myself grasping this bag. Yet when I held it out for everyone to feel how soft it was, their response? "Oooooohhhhh, that's really soft!"

My shopping trip yielded some other things, crafty things for Sarah to make, but that will be another post in a few weeks.

In the meantime, here's my new Fossil bag~