Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm a geek

I am sitting here, with both laptops going, a few programs running on each, but took a break for a quick bite while waiting for something to transfer from one to the other, and checking my email on my Blackberry.

This is not quite like the time I was sitting at the desktop, with one laptop on my lap while the other laptop was next to the desktop, running anywhere from 2-5 programs on each. Or the time after we got a new desktop and I was going between that one, the old one, and both laptops, getting them all to network to each other, etc.

Today I am grabbing music from my big laptop to put into my little laptop so I can have it in the little one and upload it to my sansa player. I'm also downloading pics from my camera to the computer so I can print those out (and upload them online later). Plus I'm editing some videos so William's shows aren't cluttering up the DVR and he can have them in the car. And also converting them onto the VideoNow media disks so he can use the VideoNow player he got for his birthday.

And I wonder where my kids get it from. Okay, I do know.