Monday, November 5, 2007

Ten years ago...

Ten years ago, my day began like this:
We had been to the OB the day before and since it was around my due date, the doctor looked at me and said, "How'd you like to deliver tomorrow?" Since I'd already begun having some contractions, was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced, I figured, "YES!!!"
The morning of November 5, Robert & I got up; he took this picture of me and off we went. First stop was his office to take care of a few things (he now says, "Why didn't you just tell me to forget work?") and then off to the hospital. The doctor checked me out, said I was 5cm dilated, broke my water at 8:25am, and the contractions started more frequently, but still very mild (to me at least). We walked the halls, talked and listened to music. Kenny Loggins' The Unimaginable Life CD... we kept it on repeat play. It was so soothing and calming~ it helped SO much!

Sarah arrived at 5:15pm, a head full of hair. She weighed 7 lbs, 10oz, and was 19½" long. My second biggest baby!

Her older siblings came to visit us at the hospital, and we got to go home the next day.

Sarah's first birthday~


3rd Birthday... I used to have plenty of energy to make cakes like these!

For her 4th birthday, I made 2 cakes... the top of one explains why~
Fifth Birthday... and now as I find these old pictures I wonder why I stopped making these pretty cakes?!

My 6 year old! The first birthday celebrated in our new house!

For her 7th birthday, we invited lots of her friends over for a big Aloha Birthday party!

Birthday number 8, Sitting like a princess~

Last year, getting Birthday hugs from Mariko

And finally, this year!!! We celebrate one day early because her brothers were going to be busy tonight. I don't think she minded celebrating one day early....

Do you?

Happy 10th Birthday Sarah!!!!! You are very loved!