Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'd like to thank Christie for this award....

My dear friend Christie at Brady's Bunch has given me this Friendship Oscar! Christie and I travel the T21 path together, and had the opportunity to meet in real life last year. She's a wonderful person, fantastic momma, and has some of the most beautiful children you will ever see. Click on over to read her blog and see why I adore her.

I would like to send this award over to a few friends that I love dearly. Nicole, who helped draw me out way back when on our T21/Down syndrome messageboard and is such a joy to talk to.

Monica, for finding a wonderful new online home for our T21 board five years ago. She has shared her heart, wisdom and humor time and again.

Aly, my Aly~ we'd met online through Signing Time, and when we finally met in person, it was like we had always known each other. Her calls always brighten my day. She is more than a friend~ she is a sister of my soul.

Rachel~ for not only helping William shine, but helping me shine too. Thank you friend, for all the laughter, tears and memories. I know we will have many more!