Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friends and Blessings

My friends are such blessings to me. I have many blogs bookmarked in my favorites and try to take time each day to read them. There are days where I don't have time to check in on them all, but this is one that I am so glad I checked just now.

I have yet to meet Cathy in real life yet hope to soon, but we have become online friends through the Signing Time forums and the weekly Signing Time chat.
Cathy posted about Dimes for Down syndrome, and she is doing a fundraiser at her school to benefit the Down syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada. I don't know if this is an event for the program there or if it's national (I just Goodsearched it and it came up for the DSOSN), but wouldn't it be cool if it was a national fundraiser for each state or local Down syndrome group?

Thanks for blogging about it Cathy, and thank you for bringing the fundraiser to your school. You are a friend and a blessing.