Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday to My Best Friend, Love, Soulmate, Husband....

Happy Birthday Dearest Robert.
I can't believe you're Fifty! You certainly don't seem it. Yesterday I was browsing through photos, trying to decide which ones to use for today's birthday blog (and William's sharing book!).

Robert in the Bunny Suit when he was a little guy. What's up, Doc?

Robert & his Dad~
Father & Son

5 years old, all dressed up.

Birthday number 43~ Look how young Sarah was!
4-17-01 K

For his 44th birthday, I got him the Rookie Experience from the Richard Petty Driving Experience
4-17-02 T
4-17-02 U
Zooming right along!
4-17-02 Z2

I wasn't thinking when I picked out the candles for his 45th birthday~
I am quite surprised we didn't set the fire alarm off! One should never alternate long thin candles with mini champagne bottle candles.... remember that!
His next birthday was in our new house!

Last year we went to our friend's house for his birthday
William helped blow out the candle.

Everyone asked if we were going to have a special party for his big 5-0, but we're just having a quiet dinner and some cake with the kids.

Last weekend, however, Robert & I went to NYC! He had meetings in the city so I tagged along.
The view from the hotel restaurant~
And on Saturday morning, we stood in line for the Wicked lottery . Click here if you don't know about the lottery. They drew Robert's name out third! Which meant.... front row seats at $26.25 a ticket! We were stunned, happy, excited!!!!
We went back to the theater for the matinee, still pinching ourselves!
The show was AMAZING! It was the first Broadway show ever for Robert. Afterwards the cast members were collecting money for Broadway Cares.
Later we had dinner with one of the architects Robert is working with, and he gave us a tour of his favorite architectural places around the city.

We had such a fabulous weekend. No wonder we don't need to have a big party tonight~ we are still recovering from the wonderful weekend!

Happy Birthday Robert! I love you more than words will ever express!