Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where we spent our vacation......


Well, part of it anyway. We had considered going to Disney World this year, since Doug is a senior and will be there for band competition over the April school break. I found a great vacation package for the flight and hotel; the problem was I was having a tough time accepting what they charge for the "Magic Your Way" tickets. My way was not to spend that much!

I had a few other vacation ideas in mind, but sitting in my chair one day, the ideas shifted. Robert was in the kitchen, getting something out of the refrigerator. Correction: Attempting to find something in the refrigerator. We have this side-by-side refrigerator, a large one, water & ice dispenser, very nice..... in theory. In day to day practical use, well, let's just say about a month after we bought it (right after we built our house nearly 5 years ago), we both wondered what we were thinking. If I had a nickel for every time Robert or I cursed the thing, I think we would have had enough to buy a new fridge. Or pretty close to it.

So as I sat there thinking about going on vacation, I listened to Robert grumble, saying things I have often thought. Then, as often happens, William came up to me and asked me for some goldfish crackers, and I thought no more about the refrigerator.

Later that day, I went to the basement to get some more ice cream bars from the big freezer down there. When I came back up, I told Robert that I thought the freezer was on its last legs~ the bars were softer than they should have been. I then said we should look at getting a new freezer for the basement. Robert agreed the freezer was not going to last much longer (we had gotten it quite a while back from friends). Suddenly this look of joy came across his face. "I have a better idea," he said. "Let's take this *#$%&*!@ piece of *&#*$&^ refrigerator and put it downstairs and get a new one for the kitchen!"

Have I ever mentioned how I like the way my husband thinks? He's brilliant! We had been considering someday replacing the side-by-side with a french door, bottom freezer refrigerator. It arrived today!


Wait, that doesn't look right... let's try this~
Yeah, that's more like it!!! Photos, magnets and more... just the way it should be!
I wonder if William will take much notice when he comes home from school?

And, though we didn't really spend all our vacation money on it, I did finally decide the perfect place to go for our vacation! We're going up to Maine to spend some time with my Dad!