Monday, May 26, 2008

Ink me!

I was recently out of town~ out of state~ to get my second tattoo. What began as a date for new body art turned into a wonderful get together with friends old & new. I'd booked my date and plane tickets months ago to fly out to Salt Lake City to see Sarah at Oni Tattoo Gallery. Yes, she's that awesome! She also happens to be the younger sister of my friend, Rachel, so my original plan was to hang out with Rachel and some local Signing Time friends while I was out there. My friend Cathy was needing a girlfriends retreat, so she arranged to come for the weekend too! We'd gotten to know each other through the Signing Time forums, weekly chats, emails and phone calls.

As fate would have it, Rachel was just returning from a second trip to Ghana. And just for something else to add to the Signing Time plate, the company was having a Baby Signing Time meet & greet that weekend. Then Cathy had found out a few weeks before that the Association for Deaf Children (ADC), who was sponsoring Rachel's second trip to Ghana, was holding a 5K/1mile race/walk while we were in town. She suggested that our group of Signing Time fans enter to show our support for them. Oh, guess who placed 2nd in women's 40-49 age division? Yes! Yours truly. Not bad for someone who is really not in shape. Cathy placed 1st in her age division~ way to go Cathy!!!!

It was a whirlwind trip, and I admit I didn't go crazy with my camera, having decided to leave my really good camera at home for this trip, but it was awesome to see some of my longtime Signing Time pals and finally get to meet others face-to-face. So for pics, hop on over to Cathy's blog.

For my T21 friends who live in SLC, I must apologize for not letting you know so we could meet up. My schedule became so full there was no way to fit everything in I had planned to. However, there will be another trip in a year, if not sooner. I have another tattoo to get.
Oh, and for those who wish to see, my new body art:


She was based on a faerie I had done 13 years ago:
I love how Sarah added her own touches to her. The best part is, I can see this one any time I want. Last year's ink is on my shoulderblade and sometimes I forget she's there!