Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mud pies

Not mud mud, but joint compound mud. That's what I've been doing this week~ playing with mud. The side entry hallway has been driving me nuts because of a bump-out ripple due to the house settling. We have a modular house (a 6 rectangle modular~ someday I'll blog and post pictures of when it was put together), and we had some places that have bumped out as the house settled. One such place is the side entry hallway. I've been planning to fix it for, well, a couple years now. Plus I decided it's time to re-paint the hallway, kitchen and breakfast area.

I procrastinated decided to wait until I was good & motivated. Strangely, motivation comes when I have so much going on any sane person would not undertake such a task.

I never said I was sane.

Somehow the physical work takes my mind off other things and de-stresses me, even though I set myself a deadline to get it all finished, which makes me feel pressed for time. Which was today, but the walls were not level to begin with, so I had to mud, dry, sand, mud, dry, sand, repeat... to make the two walls nice and flat. My new deadline is Monday. Tuesday at the latest, because I have to pack for a trip Robert and I leave for on Wednesday.

Two of the boys are graduating tomorrow~ Doug from high school and Steve from college. Same day, same exact time. Steve says it's no big deal since it's just the local community college. Yeah, he's not a parent. He was insistent the rest of the family go to Doug's. What a nice brother. Truthfully, Steve was going to go to Doug's too, but his girlfriend flew up to see him graduate. She's taking my good camera for pictures. Jim & Steph are coming down and Jim's bringing his camera which has a better zoom than mine. I haven't even done my nails, waxed above my lip pampered my face, or chosen my outfit.

I have a scrapbook to start and finish between now and Tuesday evening. I also have to get William's sharing book ready by Tuesday evening so he'll have it for Thursday.

I'm sure I must have a few other things to do by Tuesday evening, but I haven't checked my to-do list. I guess 'pressed for time' translates to 'Kei's motivating factor'.

I'll post pictures when I'm finished with this particular painting task. Although it won't really be completely finished. I didn't put my stencilling plans into my deadline. I'll probably wait to do the border stencil work right before I have some other big life event(s) going on.

That sounds like something I'd do.