Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Christmas Sweater

Last Saturday, Robert and I went to the mall to meet Glenn Beck. Glenn is touring as part of "The Christmas Sweater" book tour. We got to the mall early, before Borders opened, to wait with others to get our pass for the afternoon signing. Happily armed with our Group A passes, we bought a few copies of The Christmas Sweater for Glenn to sign later.

After breakfast and a trip to a few stores, Robert and I settled into some comfy chairs at Borders to await Glenn's arrival. Robert began reading the book and I played with my new iPhone. About an hour before Glenn was due to arrive, we got into the line that was about to start weaving throughout the store. He was about 20 minutes late, but that didn't matter to his fans. As we looked down the aisle, Robert and I wondered how many people had come to this. From the color coded, lettered passes, we figured there were easily over 400 there.

When it was our turn, I snapped a quick pic of Robert after Glenn signed his book. Robert had just told Glenn they should have passed out tissues with the book.

I read the book this afternoon, and went through several tissues. It is such a deeply moving story; even if you aren't a fan of Mr. Beck, it will touch you in a profound way.

To see if the tour is coming to a city near you, visit his site.