Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Location: My kitchen
Time: 40 minutes ago
Players: Myself, Sarah (11), Doug (18)

Scene: Doug is at the breakfast table, doing something on his laptop (college paper?)
I walk in to put my coffee cup on the counter, notice the growing piles of dishes in both sides of the sink (which, by the way, drive Robert absolutely nuts), along with expanding dirty dishes on the counter next to the sink (which, by the way drives ME absolutely nuts). I empty one side, clean the sink, rinse, plug it, start the water and add detergent. As I add dishes to the water, Sarah wanders in to put another dirty bowl on the counter.

Sarah: "Why are you doing dishes?"
Me: "Because they're dirty"
Sarah: "No, why are you doing dishes?"
Me: "Because they're dirty and they are piled up in both sides of the sink"
Sarah: "No, why are YOU doing the dishes? Notice I am emphasizing the 'YOU'!"
Me: "Because they are dirty AND they are piled up in both sides of the sink AND no one else was doing them!"
Sarah: "Well maybe you should tell someone else to do them. Maybe no one noticed. I didn't notice. I could do them"
Doug: *laughs*, well snickers, actually
Me: "Well, if no one notices that both sides are piled up so they are putting them on the counter and they still aren't doing them and it drives me nuts, then I'm going to do them. Now go do whatever and quit nagging me."

I mean, really! How could you NOT notice them?

Besides, I have a method to my dishwashing that no one else in the house seems to get. They do dishes and put them in the drainer until the drainer is full, which often means there's still a half full sink of dishes in the suds. They often walk away, intending to come back later to finish them. Of course, most times, later doesn't happen, and in the meantime, more dirty dishes are put into the sudsy water, which by then is cold. So Robert or I have to stick our hands into cold water, undo the plug, let the water out, then start all over again.

My way is to put the dishes in the sink in backwards order of how I will rinse them, which is the order in which they will be rinsed and put into the drainer to maximize the dish drainer space so that all, or nearly all, the dishes will fit into the drainer and can air dry. Big plates, little plates, small bowls, big bowls, etc. Once those are all rinsed and put in the drainer, then I do the cups. My method means I can get the dishes done, arranged nicely in the drainer, and then go do something else. Like add a new blog post.