Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the New

I'm really not great with too much change. I like what I like. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get used to something new; sometimes I am hesitant to try something new or different. I rarely re-arrange a room once I have it a way that I like.

I had my Blackberry Pearl for a year. When I did upgrade to that last year, I was very hesitant to get that phone. My previous phone was a flip phone, but the outside screen had cracked, and I had this horrible habit of trying to flip it open with one hand, but often did not succeed and ended up hanging up on people accidentally. There were things I loved about the old phone, and it took me about a week to really fall in love with my BB Pearl.

When the date approached for an upgrade availability, Robert suggested I get an iPhone. I kept wavering, thinking I would just keep my pearl and leave it at that. Several of my friends with iPhones told me I'd love it. The ads looked cool; they sure know how to market them. I went to the store a few times and played with 'em. I asked tons of questions of the salespeople; still, I wasn't totally sold on getting one. I checked out the Apple store website, read up on tips & tricks, and was about 75% sure I was ready to get one.

Saturday, when we were at the mall for the book signing, we went to the AT&T store and I decided to go for it. I even had researched what case I wanted for it, so after the AT&T store we went to the Apple store to get the case and a car charger I wanted. For good measure, I also picked up a non-glare screen film.

I don't think I had the phone for an hour when I was most decidedly very happy I got it. And Robert now has phone envy.

While the BB Pearl fit so well in my hand, the iPhone isn't too much larger, and fits my geeky personality very well.