Thursday, December 13, 2007

It could be worse

I'm standing here, watching the snow fall. Just waiting. Watching and waiting, for the tow truck. Watching the snow add up; over 4 inches since I stopped at the mall almost 3 hours ago. 3 inches of it since I talked to the dealership 2 hours ago. I could wait inside the mall, where it's warm, but then I'd have to listen to the cheery holiday music and I am in no mood for that.

And now I'm in the tow truck where this nice young man is bringing my car and me to the dealer. The clip holding the connector for the fuel filter broke. Did I mention I was at the dealership just before I went to the mall? I was getting the seasonal service done on it; oil change, tire rotation, fuel filter, etc. Did I mention the connector clip broke? The one that had to do with the fuel filter?
There's a winter storm going on too. My plan this morning was to get to the dealership, get the work done, make a quick stop at the mall, and be home before the snow, before the kids because they were getting out early. Because of the storm. It was barely flurry-ing when I went into the mall.I would have made it. Except my car did not start. Because the fuel connector hose came off. Because the clip broke. Did I mention I had just come from getting it serviced? Can you tell how pissed I am?
Luckily, I have older kids at home. They're taking care of the younger ones right now. Because I'm in the tow truck heading back to the dealership. It's taking forever because the roads are crappy.long enough for me to type a post on my blackberry.
This is not a 'oh, someday I'll look back and laugh about this.' Post. This is a 'I'm going to look back and get pissed all over again post'
It could have been worse. I could have been on the highway when it broke. But it shouldn't have happened at all.
It's bad enough- I have to pee.