Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in California~
We are at the hotel here in CA... finally. Our flight to Boston yesterday was delayed over 2 hours because of mechanical issues, so they had to bring us another plane. We were originally due to arrive in Boston by 4:30pm and our connecting flight to San francisco was slated to depart at 6pm. We touched down in Boston at 6:18. Luckily, since there were 19 of us going on to San Fran because of cancelled flights, they held the plane... and we were only 6 gates away from where we arrived. Yay!

Our baggage had arrived hours (and hours) before we did, so was neatly set aside when we finally arrived in San Francisco. Another Yay!

Picked up our rental car which turned out to be a brand new toyota sienna (7 miles on the odometer) so has the nice new car smell. A private yay for me, since I am soooo weird about driving cars that: a) I don't already own, and b) brand new cars I am unfamiliar with.

Got to the hotel only to find out that there had been a water line break so we were going to be without water for a couple hours while they repaired it. But they offered to put us up tonight at a different property but to come back for the rest of our stay... yeah, right. So we came in the room only to realize this annoying humming, mechanical droning sound which was part of the repair. and my head was already ringing before from having been up for over 24 hours straight with little sleep the night before because a certain little boy named William was being so disagreeable about sleeping so I got 15 minute catnaps all night. I had 5 minute powernaps on the plane so I've had maybe 3 hours of total sleep since waking up Sunday morning.

Oh, and to make matters worse, I'm perimenopausal ~ let's just say I am SO ready for menopause.

On a good note, Robert & I did get to extend our anniversary by 3 hours because of the time change.

And that blasted noise only lasted a couple of hours... so I was able to wash up before bed.

And I got pretty close to 5 hours of sleep.

And we got to see Mariko. She looks great and I can't wait to see her today.

It doesn't really feel like Christmas; we didn't get much for presents... well, we didn't bring presents except for what we got Mariko. And I think Santa was very confused about where to leave stockings, because of the cancellations and flight delays. Plus I didn't set out the stockings at home before we left. We never even put our tree up this year.

Our gifts came in other ways. Safe travels for all who were going somewhere... Steve, Brittany and her sis arrived safely at Brittany's family's home. Despite the inconviences of the travel day, we are safe and snug here in this nice 2 bedroom suite at a Marriott Residence Inn, staying free for our visit per Robert's Marriott Rewards points. Jim & Steph will be house sitting for us while we are away, which they were looking forward to.. kind of a little get-away for them this week.

Merry Christmas all!