Sunday, December 16, 2007


Annette left her body this morning. I will remember her beautiful and compassionate spirit, her twinkling eyes, her joyful laugh, and her wonderful smile. I see her in her children; the way Ryan's face lights up when he smiles. I see her in the way Kurtis looked at Sarah when we were in Indiana in October together.

I remember when she and another friend from our Down syndrome board came to visit us over 3 years ago, and we shared stories of our kids, our lives, our hopes and dreams, over glasses of wine. She was my sister, not sisters raised, but sisters of the heart, bonded through being blessed by having a child with Down syndrome. Her Ryan, my William, they gave us a connection. I have many of these sisters (and brothers) on this journey, and we've lost some along the way. There are some that are different, so much deeper, having been nurtured over time and meetings in real life, and through phone calls and emails.

My heart goes out to her family~ my prayers are with them. And for many of my online sisters, who were closer to Annette than me, I send you love, prayers and cyber-hugs.

Annette, you will be greatly missed. I am thankful to have known you.