Tuesday, September 11, 2007

5 a.m.

Most nights, when William wakes in the wee hours to go wee (sorry, couldn't resist), he knocks on our bedroom door and announces, "Mom? Mom? Dad? It's me, William...." Often he gives his entire name, as though it's the secret password.

This morning, I heard, "yay!!!!!", muted as though by distance. I rolled over. I notice the stairway light on.

"ALL RIGHT!" I hear William yell excitedly. I got up, went down the stairs, noticing that both sets of family room lights were on. William glanced at me quickly, said, "Oh, Hi, Mom.." and went back to what he was doing. Just what was he doing? you may be wondering.

He had come down the stairs, turned the lights on, booted the computer up, and started playing his Harry Potter Quiddich Cup game. The computer, laden with games and other stuff, is 5 years old and, like some of us older, outdated beings, takes a bit longer to get going in the mornings. Between the time for that, and where he was at in his game, he had to have been up for at least 15 minutes, if not a little longer.

I convinced him it was really not time to get up yet and exited his game, turned out the light, and brought him upstairs to go potty & then snuggle in the big bed. I glanced at Robert's clock, which he sets at least 5 minutes faster than actual time. 5:11. William had been up before 5. We snuggled, and we both nodded off until my alarm went off at 6:30. William didn't get up until after 7.