Thursday, September 6, 2007

Who has this kid been listening to?

This morning I asked him where something was. William responds with "I hae no idea!" He's not always good at enunciating words with a 'v'. He is, however, great at the intonation associated with saying I-de-Ah! just the way he's heard it once or twice around here.

When confronted with "William, why did you throw the toys up in the air like that?" or other things he knows he ought not to do, William responds with "I don't know!"

Overheard while he and Sarah were playing, "Uh, Sarah, knock it off!"

The ones that crack me up the most are when he's playing a game, particularly a computer game. These range from "Oh no, try again" to "Game over, dya wanna quit?" to "Oh, dammit" That one makes me glad we don't say anything more than that in this house. At least while the kids are awake.

And William sounds so cute when he tries to say, "dag-nab-it!"~ he kind of says it in a coarse voice!