Monday, September 17, 2007

The Almost Perfect Weekend

We woke up early Saturday to go to the dentist, which is over an hour away (amazing how far we'll drive when you find the perfect dentist) so he could fill a little cavity in Robert's tooth. Robert grabbed his John Mayer signature guitar to show Dr. H, as they share the love of guitars, Nascar, Golf, etc.... I brought my computer so William could play a game while we waited. The drive there was uneventful, but still a very cherished time as Robert & I chat away and brainstorm ideas, and listen to the kids singing along with Rachel (our new Signing Time! DVDs came in last week!!!!) and William calling out to Daddy to see each sign he's practicing.

We arrived a few minutes before Robert's appointment, but they took him right in. It seems William barely got to start playing his game on the computer and Robert was finished~ amazing how quickly it goes when you don't need Novocaine. Robert got the guitar out & Dr. H started playing it, getting the feel for it. (Yes, we have THE coolest dentist) We chatted for quite a while and then it was time to go.

Afterwards we stopped for lunch, then bought groceries and came home and had a laid back, casual afternoon/evening. I checked my email and found out that we could visit William's pony on Sunday!

Yesterday we got up early again (me up early on a weekend is rare), Robert got the kids up, fed and dressed. I double checked my little camera~ good thing... the batteries were dead & the memory card was nearly full, so I took care of that and off we went. 2 hours later we were at Penzance, where Frosty is receiving some training before he gets to come live with us. Frosty is part of the Personal Ponies organization~ please visit the Personal Ponies website to find out all about this incredible program!!! Gwen at Penzance has three Personal Ponies in residence; they are Ambassadors for the program, as well as teach other little ponies how to behave with children.

Our first meeting with Frosty yesterday went very well~ I think he knows he was meant to be with us. There is this noble spirit about him, and when you look into his eyes, you see the intelligence in him. Yes, we were all totally in love! Here are some pictures; the rest are on my flickr pages.

Sarah brushing Frosty
William hugging Frosty
William's turn to brush Frosty
Frosty & Me... he is sooooo sweet!
William and Amahl, the resident Sicilian Donkey (and soooooo soft!)

There are lots of pictures on the flickr site, so be sure to check them out!

We should be bringing Frosty home in a few weeks!!

On the way home, William kept telling us how cute Frosty is, and how happy he(William) is. Sarah was in absolute heaven.... until we stopped for an early dinner and her loose molar split vertically and she wrenched part of it out. I need to call her dentist today to see what we should do about the rest of it. The kids don't have the same dentist as Robert & me; theirs is closer to home. William has a different dentist than the rest of the kids~ he has one that specializes in special needs dentistry. So we go all over the place for our family's dental care!

So, except for Sarah's tooth (and that our beloved Red Sox lost last night), it was an almost perfect weekend.