Thursday, September 27, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

Thanks to some generous donors, we have fence posts to put in for our Personal Ponies. Thanks to the company Robert works for, we had the use of a Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loader with an auger attachment to dig the post holes. This morning after the kids got on the bus, Robert & I went out to start working on getting the post holes in


We have the area for two paddocks laid out

We'll be able to see the ponies from the house. Our master suite is the top right section, and we'll have a nice overlook of the paddocks. The room under it is the breakfast room.
So, we were going along at a pretty nice pace, Robert operating the machine; I was guiding him and getting the extra dirt that fallen into the holes out with a regular ol' post hole digger... we make an awesome team. We knew pretty much where the conduit for our buried lines were, and had some holes we were very planning to go lightly on and use the manual digger on. The first questionable hole was fine~ the second, well.... I was checking every hole after Robert got the auger out, to make sure they were deep enough and that not too much dirt had fallen back in. When he pulled the auger out of this particular hole, I peeked in and looked at him and signed "water". Poor guy! his eyes got so big! We were digging pretty shallow in comparison to the other holes, so there shouldn't have been. Robert said it meant the conduit was close, and hopefully hadn't nicked it. Often water will run alongside a buried conduit. We grabbed the sump pump & hooked it up to drain the water. He checked it out, and saw that the pipe was quite intact~ YAY!!!

After all the holes were dug, Robert returned the machine and I went around to a few of the holes that needed more cleaning out; there were rocks in those that needed to be manuevered out before digging deeper. After Robert returned home and the kids got home from school, we started putting in the fence posts. Tada!!! Our cornerstone post!

We got nine of them in before we had to go get cleaned up and eat so we could go to open house at Sarah & William's school. I will update on that later, but it's all good.... great even.