Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am not too proud to beg...

The voting for the Mannington Awards ends tomorrow, September 7th. Please, please please please please! Please help me and vote for Rachel Coleman of Signing Time!

The Mannington 'Stand On a Better World' Award honors those who strive to make difference in the world around them. By creating the video series, Signing Time!, Rachel and her sister Emilie set out to make a difference in the world of Rachel's daughter Leah, who is deaf. In doing so, they've helped children of all ages and abilities communicate with others. This includes our William~helping in his communication needs and with helping him learn to read.

Your vote will help Rachel win $10,000 for the charity of her choice, The Signing Time Foundation. Of course you can always donate to The Signing Time Foundation (501c3) as well. The Signing Time Foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of children of all abilities. The Foundation is the main sponsor of the Signing Time television show, seen on many Public Television Stations across the country.

You can only vote once per valid email address, so please pass this along to your friends and family. Once you vote for Rachel, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your vote. If you have more than one email address, or share the computer with others, make sure you clear your temporary internet cookies between votes.
PLEASE? and Thank you! (Did you know William has been signing those since he was 2½? Rachel taught him to use his manners!)