Friday, September 14, 2007

A Cup of Coffee

I want to go back to bed, pull the covers up and sleep. Then I want to wake up and start the day my way. Yet I am sitting here, typing, waiting for the coffee to brew. Ready to change the course of the day.

I thought it would be a good day. William was snuggled in my arms~ he got up, went potty, then downstairs. I followed along, stopping to make sure Sarah was awake (she was, playing with her Gameboy), told her the time. I came down, turned on my computer, checked a few blogs, checked my email, then went to make William's lunch for school, just going about my usual school morning routine.

Sarah came down, I took one look at her and told her she needed to change clothes. Then the drama began. Did I ever mention she is so full of drama? Yeah, she's going to be soooo much fun when puberty hits and those hormonal mood swings & PMS hit. I'm not really picky about the styles she chooses, the colors, etc. but I am when she puts on dirty clothes. The skort she was wearing was pink, looked new (I had gotten it for her last year, but she doesn't wear it much) and across the yoke of it... dirty. Of course, right away I get the excuse "It's NOT my fault!" Hmmmm... I don't recall telling her anything was her fault, all I said was it was dirty and she needed to go change. "What's wrong with it?", she asks, as though it's not obvious.
"It's dirty. There is a stain on it. You are not wearing it to school, you are going to put it in the hamper."
"What am I supposed to wear?"
"Um, clothes that are clean... you have enough of them"
To which she turns and stomps up the stairs, as though asking her to change her skort is asking her to bear the weight of the world on her shoulders.
She comes back down, wearing shorts and a tank top.
"Doug says it's supposed to be warmer today. Is this any better?"
"No, the top is dirty and you wore those shorts the other day and I know I haven't washed them since"
Sarah, looking down, missing the stains because they are at the neck of the shirt, "I don't see anything wrong with it"
"It's got stains across there. Go change please."
"It's NOT my fault! There's nothing to wear! What am I supposed to wear?"
"Yelling at me is not helping anything. Go find something"
And away she stomps. Each step an indignant emphasis of her mood.
She stomps around her room.
I make William's oatmeal.
She yells from the top of the stairs, "What do you expect me to wear?"
"Something clean!" I respond
She starts down the stairs. She goes back up the stairs. She starts down again. "What about this?"
"That's just fine. Now, do you need lunch money?"
"What's for lunch?" She's looking at the lunch menu~ I am in the next room. "Yes, I guess I'll have school lunch" Spoken like Eeyore. Remember, Wednesday's child is full of woe. Today it really fits.
"I'm hungry, do I have time for a toaster strudel?"
"Yes, if you put it in now"
"How long does it take?"
"I don't know, just put it in now"
"I want to know how many minutes it takes so I'll know if I have time"
"Just put it in now or you won't have time"
And the hysterics begin. Again. This time she stomps off, yelling, "If you had woken me up earlier, we wouldn't have this problem! That's it, I'm not going to school!"
"If you had come downstairs instead of playing the Gameboy, you would have had plenty of time"
"It's (c'mon, say it with me) NOT my fault, YOU should have told me to come downstairs!"
She comes back down, says she's hungry, goes through it again about time. Finally I told her to just put them in! Meanwhile, William picks up his bowl of oatmeal and his spoon and carries them in to her. "Uh, Sarah, want hot cereal, William's?" Oh, my stars..... he was going to give her his oatmeal!

Finally, the drama behind us (this one. this day at least), it's time to get them down to the bus. Sarah does not want to talk to me. After all, this is all MY fault because certainly none of it is hers.

And they're off. Off to school. I can come up and enjoy a nice, quiet, peaceful house. Steve came downstairs, and I jokingly asked if Sarah woke him up. "Yeah, but that's okay, it kept me from trying to fall back asleep" and off he went to his classes this morning.

I decide I want to make a pot of coffee instead of just a cup. Ready to dump out yesterday's coffee grinds, I discover the garbage pail is full. Ugh. So I pull the old bag out, set it on the floor, ready to put the new bag in. Except the pail is all wet on the bottom. Meaning the old bag must be too. So the old bag goes in the new bag, and I get to clean up the mess.

The coffee is finished brewing, and I am going to get a cup. I am going to enjoy that wonderful aroma (chocolate caramel), and I am going to savor every sip. The events of the past two hours are purged, and I plan to get on with my day. I'm going to do some more sewing. I'll post pictures of my projects later.

For now, I am going enjoy a cup of coffee.