Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to School

Where did the summer go? I had all these plans, and whoosh! did I ever do them? I don't even know. Oh well, I guess it's just one of those things that comes with age~ time seems to speed up and fly by.

Doug is a senior in high school this year! When did my little Snuggy Dougy grow up so big? It seems like yesterday he was starting kindergarten. Wow.

Sarah is now a 4th Grader. She has a new teacher this year; new to the school. I have had at least *ONE* child at this elementary school every year for the past NINETEEN school years!!! I moved here in November of 1988, and Jim transferred into the second grade here. There were years I had two children in the school, and sometimes three! William had the same kindergarten teacher that Mariko, Steve, Doug and Sarah had. This year William is in 1st Grade, and he will have the same 1st grade teacher that Steve, Doug and Sarah had. I can't wait to find out how his day is going. The kids have a half day today, so just a few more hours left!
The first day of school is incomplete without pictures, so without further ado....

The oh so cool William

This one cracks me up!

I thought if I let William use my small digital camera, I might get a few more pictures of him with Sarah, but no.... silly me!
Need to teach him not to put his finger over the lens.
I LOVE this picture of me that William took!
I must admit, I feel a little lost without the kids home. I'll get over it, lol.