Saturday, August 25, 2007

He got me..

Robert got me! He has been dancing around and gloating about it too. He's just a couple steps ahead of me today.
See, twelve years ago today he arrived in Massachusetts. We had met each other five weeks before, at a trade show. Love at first sight. We corresponded over the five weeks, and one day he loaded up everything he could fit into his extended cab truck and made the drive from East Texas to Western Massachusetts. Straight through, stopping only to get gas (and to pee). He made the trip in 27 hours. Determined man, my Robert.

Today I slept in, something I do on the weekends, as Robert is an early bird and I'm a night owl. He plays with the kiddos and surfs the net whilst I get my beauty rest. When I came down this morning, he was in the kitchen, cooking, and going on about how great it's been for the past twelve years, how he can't believe he's lived in New England for twelve years, etc.

That was my "D'OH!" moment. Oh, right. Today's August 25th! The day he came to be with me forever. And when he realized that HE remembered this important date before me, well, that's when his dancing started. And the gloating. He is cherishing the feeling.

Then when I sat down to enjoy the perfectly round, hot, whole wheat pancakes he'd made for breakfast, I reached for the smart balance spread and began to get some out with my knife.... Only to discover he'd already put some on my pancakes. Ahhhh, he is soooo perfect for me.

Gosh, I love my husband. So much that I'm going to let him gloat as much as he wants.