Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Interesting Start

The school year is off to an interesting beginning. Specifically, William's school year. I admit, I did know this was coming, as I had a bit of a hand in it.

The school is looking for a new 1:1 aide for him. The amazingly awesome aide he had this past year is not returning. Maybe it had to do with the fact that when the principal of a local school called me recently to follow up on the letter of reference Robert and I wrote for Miss M, I told him that he, his school and the students would be very lucky to have her. Or maybe it was when the principal asked what other thoughts I had and I told him that I was jealous because I really would have loved to have her stay to be William's aide forever. Or it could have been when he asked me if I had anything else to add before he offered her the job and I told him that he'd better do right by her because she deserved only the best.

So, alas, our principal called me this afternoon to tell me that William had a great day in school (she was in his classroom for a little while), and that she had some other news for me. Miss M would not be William's aide this year because she took the position of being a full-time preschool teacher (the school that had called me)! Congratulations M!!!! The regular classroom assistant/aide will be overseeing William's needs until they hire a new aide for him. I trust that the principal and teachers know William well enough by now to hire the right fit for him.