Monday, August 13, 2007

Seven Years Ago

We welcomed William into the world. With him came a whole new world for us, one of surgeries, therapies, enlightenment, but most of all, friends. Friends we never would have known if not for William. Friends that share the joy, challenges and stories of having a child with Trisomy 21, and friends that have helped our kids achieve their milestones. For that, I am most grateful to him. William has shown us all how to appreciate each moment for the miracle that it is; each achievement as something to celebrate.

Tonight's celebration will be a small one, since the older siblings won't be home. Sarah, William and I will get out Sarah's easy bake and cook up some lil' cakes and cookies so we can have a tea party birthday with Daddy tonight for William. As long as there are presents to open, and a candle to blow out, William will be thrilled. On Saturday, with all his siblings here, we'll have a Harry Potter birthday for our little wizard. I did make William an invisibility cloak and gave it to him yesterday.

I'll post pictures of tonight's celebration later, and will take lots of pics this weekend. Until then, here's William's birth story.