Saturday, August 11, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Sarah, William & I spent several days this week at the hotel near where Robert's working. That way we could see him every night without him making the almost 2½ hr drive to work each day (and then the same drive home). When I reminded William on Monday that we were going to the hotel on Tuesday, he broke into a big smile. "Hotel? See Daddy?", he responded. "Yes. What else do we do at the hotel?" I asked. William answered and signed as he said, "Elevator! I push buttons!" I didn't realize it was such a big thrill, lol. "what else, William?"

"Harry Potter games on Mommy's 'puter!" Yep... I have a young computer geek. Surprisingly, he didn't mention the hotel pool.

So, at the hotel, while Sarah read Harry Potter (she was nearly finished with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), William played one of the Harry Potter games on my laptop. I marveled at how he manuevered the laptop keys (I didn't bother hooking up a mouse), and how he would throw his arms up accompanied by his own proud, "Yay! I did it!"

Now, while I should be catching up on laundry and other stuff, I've decided to veg out and surf the 'net today. Robert's already been outside mowing and is now sitting here enjoying some iced tea and playing guitar.

It's just sooooo great to be home!