Saturday, August 18, 2007

William Potter

William Potter Jim drew this for William's birthday... William as Harry Potter. How cool is this? He also drew a picture of Harry Potter for William, but I haven't scanned it yet. William was thrilled to get this!

So, I totally goofed up today, as I forgot that Steve & Doug would be leaving for work a little sooner than usual, so the celebration wasn't as complete as I had planned. Add to the mix that Robert & I had our 6 month dental cleaning and our dentist is a little over an hour's drive away. Plus Mariko & Sarah were going to hang out at the mall while we were at the dentist. By the time we picked up William's cake and got home, Jim & Steph (who arrived at 2am, gabbed until 3am with Stephen, and then got up to watch William at 8:30am) were being entertained by William, but Steve and Doug had already left. Bummer. Though we did get some great pictures~
So happy!
A new lunchbox!

Jim and Mariko are both thinking that Mom is nuts for always pulling out the camera
Jim & Mariko
*they're right*
Robert decides to get a lil' group hug for my scrapbooking plans...
Jim, Mariko & Robert
And Jim, Steph & Mariko mug it up (and hug it up) for me...
Jim, Steph & Mariko